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Officers & Committee

Chairperson: Tony Dale MBE

Telephone: 01371 830174

E-mail: [email protected]m

Hon. General Secretary: Ian Roberts

3 Hanchetts Orchard, Thaxted CM6 2JT

Telephone: 01371 831018

E-mail: [email protected]

Hon. Treasurer: M. Robinson

Telephone: 01371 831685

E-Mail [email protected]

Committee1: Dawn Rivers

     Committee2: Graham Towers

   Committee3: June Lockerby

Sub-Committee Reps.:


Greens: M. Rivers, C. Rivers

House & Grounds: Richard Pickford, Malcolm Rivers, Chris Rivers, Ian Roberts

Social: Ian Roberts, Dawn Rivers

Ladies Section Reps.: Beryl Kemp, Hazel Gray

Men's Section Reps.: TBC

Wines Committee: Rob Faulkner


D. Barnard, I. Barnard

T. Dale MBE, S. Latham

100+ Club Secretary: D. Rivers


President: Sean McCarthy

Hon. Secretary: Ian Roberts

Match Secretary: Richard Pickford

Kerwyns, Gallows Green, Duton Hill, Dunmow CM6 3QS

Telephone: 01371 870561

E-mail: [email protected]

Men's Captain: Richard Pickford

Telephone: 07912 654744

E-mail: [email protected]

Vice-Captain: Ian Roberts

Telephone: 01371831018

Essex & Herts Senior League Captain: Steve Skelton

Telephone: 01371 830674

Essex & Herts Senior League Vice-Captain: Peter Simmons

Telephone: 01371 830318

Open Competition Organiser: TBC

              Telephone: 07912 654744

County/Group Delegate: Ian Roberts

         NWEBA Delegate: Ian Roberts

              SBBL Delegate: Ian Roberts


President: Beryl Kemp

     Telephone: 01371 830022

Hon. Secretary: Sheila. Roberts

3 Hanchetts Orchard, Thaxted CM6 2JT

            Telephone: 01371 831018

email: [email protected]

Match Secretary: Sue Faulkner

33 Newbiggen Street, Thaxted CM6 2QS

        Telephone: 01371 830685

Captain: Sue Faulkner

      Telephone: 01371 830685

E-mail: [email protected]

Vice-Captain: Alison. Howells

Committee: Heather. Bull

County Delegate: Vacant